Thanks for all your help with the interview prep.  Your guidance allowed me to go into my meeting with Simon with confidence and articulate my background / skills / aims in a clear, concise way!

Accepted later to Cambridge and LBS

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Jamie Wright


Why Work with Jamie?

  • More than eight years at London Business School as the former admissions director for Early Career Programmes (the department's first!) and head of the Recruitment & Admissions Team, responsible for developing application essays, building application review and interview assessment metrics (and conducting those reviews and interviews), creating alumni interview guidelines, reviewing the waitlist, allocating scholarship awards, and making the final yea or nay as adcom lead
  • Background in storytelling through her early career in public relations, working with such clients as MilkPEP (“Got milk?”), Oscar Mayer, Raytheon, and the Green Building Initiative
  • Guides a list of international clients applying to UK, European, and American schools and looking to make an academic or professional pivot (Click here for the complete list of schools.)
  • Believes there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to admissions because each candidate is unique, with different objectives and challenges (See here what Jamie's clients say.)

Jamie’s Stats

  • BA in liberal arts and science, with a major in communications (public relations emphasis) and a minor in political science from San Diego State University

What Jamie Has to Say

“Working at London Business School gave me a front-seat view of the graduate management education space. That insight – competitor landscapes, applicant pipeline management and assessment, how decisions are made – is important for an admissions consultant to possess. Equally important is an understanding of storytelling and how to convey motivation and aspirations. I understand what flags are raised, and why, what gets the ad com excited, and what makes them yawn, and the questions that will be raised by other stakeholders, such as faculty and careers.

I look forward to working with you to navigate the pivot to graduate study and the application process that will get you there, to share my insider admissions knowledge, and to listen, learn, and support."

What Else You Should Know about Jamie

  • Located in London
  • Has been involved in the performing arts (dance, theatre) for most of her life and long aspired to try her hand at Latin dance
  • Volunteers as an Enterprise Adviser – acting as part of a national network of volunteers working to help local schools deliver careers education – and is passionate about ensuring that youth have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the working world 

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