I am so glad I was able to have Dr. Mahoney as an advisor. She gave wonderful advice, great communication, and an overall great outcome for my medical career!

Thank you!

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Dr. Mary Mahoney

My two careers – nursing and then teaching college-level English – come together in my love of medical humanities. As a new-ish professor in 2004, I was fortunate to present my writing at a conference hosted by Duke University called “Vital Lines, Vital Signs: a conference on Poetry and Medicine.” While there, doctors and writers articulated their mutual concern with stories and metaphor. Stories could strengthen a physician’s bond with a patient. A patient could feel less isolated knowing a physician understood the patient’s story. When a patient feels heard, chances are a doctor engaged the whole person with strong listening skills, with a “knowing” refined by language and science. And writers know that narrative heals.

Thereafter, I knew my field – the intersection of the Humanities and Medicine. My writing was soon selected for publication by the renowned Harvard physician, Robert Coles, and reprinted in Europe by Asa Kascher, a philosopher and linguist at the University of Tel Aviv. I would go on to build medical humanities curriculum to serve health science students, to round out their education with literature and narrative. I taught workshops where we translated medical phenomena into narrative prose with the aim of bringing out provocative human stories, often ones that illuminate the significance of science upon our lives. I advised students through graduate school applications and personal statements, across disciplines, with great success because narrating a story is as important as listening to one.

It is quite common to encounter a writing prompt in a graduate application that asks for your story. I can guide you in telling it.

Here’s a story about me: Just for kicks, an Emeritus Professor of Business encouraged me to take the Myers-Briggs inventory, a personality assessment to see how one’s perception and decision-making is defined among sixteen personality types. My result: the advocate. This one word sums up the kind of mentor I am, the kind of friend I am, and the kind of parent I am. I work with Accepted because advocating, and editing, are at the core of who I am.

If you need an experienced advocate, mentor, and editor wrapped in one person dedicated to your success in the application process, please contact me.

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