Understand the question, choose a topic, mine your experiences, and come up with a compelling story that demonstrates your ability to succeed in law school and your skill and passion for a legal career. The following resources will help you during the brainstorming, outlining, and initial writing stages of your law school personal statement:

  1. Leadership in Admissions, a free guide
  2. Audio & Video in Admissions, a free guide
  3. Fitting In & Standing Out: the Paradox at the Heart of Admissions, a free guide
  4. How to Demonstrate Leadership When You Don’t Have Leadership Experience, a short video
  5. The Biggest Application Essay Mistake, a short video
  6. Writing About Overcoming Obstacles in Your Application Essays, a short video
  7. Writing the Diversity Personal Statement, a short video
  8. Law School Applicants: Things to Think About When You Apply, a podcast episode
  9. Focus on Fit, a podcast episode
  10. Stand Out! A Critical Goal for Your Application, a podcast episode
  11. Different Dimensions of Diversity, a podcast episode
  12. What Is the Diversity Essay Question & How Do You Answer It?
  13. 5 Tips for Your Law School Personal Statement
  14. First Drafts Of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go
  15. Why is it So Hard to Write Your Law School Personal Statement?
  16. How Much Overlap Can There Be Between My Resume/CVA and My SOP?
  17. What 3 Essential Ingredients Must You Include in Your Statement of Purpose?
  18. How to Project Professionalism, Positivity & Confidence in Your Statement of Purpose
  19. How to Add Detail to Your Social Enterprise/Community Service Goals
  20. How Personal is Too Personal?
  21. Generic-itis Prevention [Warning: If Untreated, Can Cause Rejection]
  22. Application Essay Tip: The Devil is in the Details
  23. Your Law School Personal Statement Needs to be Personal! 
  24. 5 Tips to Write a Law School Personal Statement that Gets You In
  25. Admissions Tip: BE YOURSELF!
  26. Can I Use Humor In My Application Essays?
  27. 4 Application Strategy Tips: Stand Out AND Fit In
  28. What is an Accomplishment?
  29. 4 Tips for Writing about Last Minute Extracurricular Activities
  30. What Should I Write About? Making a Difference
  31. Flaws Make You Real
  32. 6 Tips for Talking About Your Weaknesses
  33. Writing Techniques From a Pro
  34. 4 Tips for Highlighting Your Strengths in Your Application Essays
  35. Where’s the Poetry? The Secret Ingredient in Your Graduate Application Essays 
  36. 10 Tips for Better Essay Writing
  37. Bring Your Personal Statement to Life With Vivid, Active Verbs
  38. 5 Ways to Optimize Your Online Presence Before Submitting Applications
  39. Approaching The Diversity Essay Question
  40. Your 5-Step Checklist for Submitting Your Applications
  41. 5 Tips on Writing About the Immigrant Experience for Law School
  42. Are the Optional Law School Essays Optional?
  43. How I Wrote a Personal Statement that Got Me Into Harvard Law School
  44. Five Ways Being a Real Lawyer Isn’t like Being on Television
  45. “I’m Smart, Really I Am!” Proving Character Traits in your Essays

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