How hard is it to get accepted to a top-tier law school? What are some of the stumbling blocks that law school applicants face? How do they tackle and overcome them? What is law school REALLY like?

Each law school journey is unique. This is your opportunity to listen to the stories of REAL students as they talk about the ups and downs of the admission process and day-to-day life in law school.

Hang in there while we gather our interviews with graduate school students...

In these interviews, you’ll hear all about choosing the right law school programs, overcoming obstacles during the admissions process, law school personal statement tips, LSAT test prep and study advice, juggling school and personal life, and more. We also share the interviewees’ social links so you can contact them with your own questions.

Do you have an interesting law school journey that you’d like featured on our What is Law School Really Like? series? Be in touch – we’d love to hear your story!

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