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    Just wanted to let you know that I got into USC for biochemistry and premed. I also got into the University of Miami for biochemistry with a 100k scholarship. Lastly, I got into my top school UT Austin for biochemistry and the Health Science Scholars program! Thank you for your help in this whole process and for contributing to my success I truly appreciate it!
    I’m so sorry for the lack of communication the past couple months, but the college decision process completely took over.
    I am so happy with how the process went for me and wanted to share my results!!
    I was accepted to: Northeastern University (global scholars), UVA, UCSD, UNC Chapel Hill, Kings College London, and Duke!!!!
    I got admitted to the University of Michigan College of Engineering, and wanted to say thank you for all your help and support in this admissions process! I truly appreciate it, your insight was invaluable. Thank you for taking the time out and guiding me through this process!!
    Dear Ms. Todd,

    We want to thank you again for your assistance with the college application process for our daughter.  The success we experienced with your professional support and guidance through this process is proven by the results.  She applied to ten major universities and was accepted at five of them.  Your expertise with the essay and filling out the application in general, allowed us to provide important information to the college admissions departments that otherwise, we wouldn't have been fully aware of.  Your insight was invaluable.

    We had originally planned on filling out the various college applications on our own, but changed our minds at the last minute and reached out for help.  I can assure you we would not have mentioned or wrote about some of the things you recommended that we provide.  Your tweaks and suggestions supporting our daughter's essay was crucial.  We would have made some serious mistakes and omissions had we not taken your advice.  

    We would highly recommend your services to others that are preparing for that big step of applying for college.  It was well worth the money and we all learned so much in the process.  Reaching out to Accepted.com was the best decision we made.  Thanks again so much!
    Thank you so much for your help on my personal statement, your comments really helped polish up my essay and make it great. I am extremely happy with what we have now, and am using it for my future college applications.

    Thank you for your quick reply; quite frankly it was a life-saver.

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