Planning Ahead for B-School Admissions 

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    It's great that you are thinking ahead about your dream of getting an MBA. Getting an early start is an excellent way to position yourself for admissions success. Put your best foot forward early on with the following resources:

    1. MBA Admissions Calculator, an interactive quiz
    2. 5 Ways to Make B-Schools Love You, a free webinar
    3. Best MBA Programs, a free guide
    4. Mapping out Your MBA Prep – The College Years
    5. Mapping out Your MBA Prep – Post-grad + 1
    6. Mapping out Your MBA Prep – Post-Grad + 2
    7. Mapping out Your MBA Prep -- Post-Grad + 3 
    8. Mapping out Your MBA Prep -- Post-grad + 4
    9. Ace Your Summer Business Internship: Tips for College Students
    10. MBA Admissions: Does Extracurricular Equal Extra Credit?

    Need one-on-one counseling at this early stage in the game? We're here to guide you through these decisions so you can make a smart start now for a successful finish later. Check out our MBA consulting services for more information. 


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    MIT, Kellogg, HAAS, Tuck, Columbia, NYU and many other business schools.

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    Thanks for all the help. It was great working with you and saved me a lot of time. Even though my writing skills are strong, there was no way I would have produced such quality essays in terms of style and content, without your strong input. I especially liked the way we worked together to shape my essays, showing strong initiative, work and leadership experience. I also think that with the high quality of the essays, my application to the Top US business schools stands a real chance now. Read more