We bet you're thinking, "Well they sound good, but what do their clients say?" Do Accepted's consultants really improve client essays and boost their chances of acceptance?

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Natalie Grinblatt Epstein View Natalie Grinblatt Epstein 's Bio

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how great of an experience I've had working with Natalie over the past several months. When I first started looking at MBA programs last year, I quickly realized that I needed a consultant to navigate the process. The process is much different than college applications, and I had no idea what schools I could reasonably aim for (especially with my nontraditional background). I started the process by calling as many consulting companies as I could and trying to get an understanding of where I stand through their free consultations. The first company I spoke with was an absolute disaster. I was told that I had a weak profile (in so many words), and that I needed to set my sights on lower tier schools. I was told to look at schools ranked ~30-50, and that my reach school should be a school ranked ~20-25, though that was still unlikely. A few weeks later I was referred to Natalie by a friend of mine who had worked with her a few years ago.

My conversation with Natalie was completely different than the other admissions consultants I had spoken to. Natalie was very friendly, warm, and encouraging. We talked about the strengths and weaknesses of my profile, and she eventually decided that my reach school from the other consultant (~20-25) should be my backup school. While I still haven't fully decided on which school I am going to attend, I have options available to me in top 20 programs with major scholarships, and I likely will be taking a spot at Booth, something that I never thought would be possible when I first started looking at MBA programs. I can't emphasize enough how great of an asset Natalie has been for me throughout my application process, and I will definitely be recommending her to anyone I know who is looking to apply to business school!

Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio

I am delighted to report some great news. I was accepted to Yale SOM last week and last night I was accepted to MIT Sloan. It goes without saying that I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much.

When I reached out to other consultants nobody else gave me a shot given my demographic and score. Most in fact highlighted MIT as being one of the least likely options for me. Thanks again for all the help!
Madeleine Wang View Madeleine Wang's Bio
I hope this email finds you doing well. I'm admitted to Wharton!!! Thank you so much for your kind guidance along the way. I really appreciate it!
Jennifer Weld View Jennifer Weld's Bio

Jen's feedback was both thoughtful and timely throughout the duration of our work together. Jen was instrumentally helpful while trying to navigate the demands of both work and graduate school applications, and I'm very glad to have made the decision to work with her"

-Accepted to Georgetown and Johns Hopkins

I am at INSEAD now, together with my wife - we were admitted together.
Indeed my discussion with Karin Ash was a game changer.
Jennifer Weld View Jennifer Weld's Bio

I have had a great experience. Jen has been great. I really appreciate her style and coaching. She guided me to refine and improve my own words to build a product that I am proud to show others. We finished a resume last week in preparation for a school visit this weekend. I think the resume did its job well and the visit was a success.

- Daniel