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Natalie Grinblatt Epstein View Natalie Grinblatt Epstein's Bio

Natalie is great to work with and she really took the time to get to know me and my application. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, and she was just as invested in my results as I was. I was very lucky to have gotten her help.

Thanks again for all of the support you provided. I have nothing but great things to say about accepted.com.


Jennifer Weld View Jennifer Weld's Bio

After meeting with several MBA consulting firms I decided on working with Jen. When applying to an MBA program you don't realize how many times you question yourself at every single step of the application process. Jen was there through all facets of the application to answer my questions, and to assure me that the material I was submitting was the best that it could be. This support helped me rest easy once I finally hit the 'Submit' button. Thanks Jen!

-- Accepted to CMU Tepper

Cindy Tokumitsu View Cindy Tokumitsu's Bio

Today I received a phone call and this admission offer email. I am happy that I got accepted in the Chicago Booth (EMBA). It truly will help me in what I want to do in future.

I also wanted to share my thoughts on the process of essay. The result of collaboration was not limited to the essay. The essay was strong and very expressive but it also helped me think more deeply about myself and my career choices. While answering your questions and writing the essay, I was able to collect my thoughts and focus on important things. It further helped me evaluate my own strengths and weaknesses which eventually helped me decide that Booth will a better school for me. With this understanding, I was able to give appropriate attention to details during the application process at Booth. After working as a provider and also an executive for some time, I had developed a habit (skill) of expressing my weaknesses with a polite coating of strengths but your queries successfully navigated me from an executive’s mindset to a learner’s mindset. It helped me in the interview process and I was able to ask genuine questions. This certainly helped school and I, both evaluate each other for the right fit.

 Thanks again for all your help.

Michelle Stockman View Michelle Stockman's Bio
Today I finished working with Michelle on 8 essays for INSEAD and overall I can simply say that her support was perfect.