Congratulations! You've been waitlisted to a top-tier business school! You may feel bummed that you didn't get the instant acceptance you had hoped for, but the good news is that you haven't been rejected either. The other good news is that there are concrete steps you can take that may tip those scales in your favor and transform your waitlist status into acceptance.

The following resources provide waitlisted applicants with tips on how to write winning business school waitlist updates, advice on how to secure stellar letters of support, and do's and don'ts during the waitlist process.

General Advice

  1. Help! I've Been Waitlisted!, a podcast episode
  2. Waitlisted. Now What?
  3. Waitlisted? How to Turn Your "Maybe" into a "Yes"
  4. When to Give Up Your Acceptance in Hopes for “Greener” Pastures
  5. What Should You Do When You’re Waitlisted Without Feedback?

Waitlist Letter Tips

  1. 3 Topics to Discuss in Waitlist Correspondence, a video
  2. MBA Waitlist Letter Tips
  3. How to Write Waitlist Update Letters
  4. Writing Effective Waitlist Letters: A Quiz
  5. The Three Essential Components of Successful Waitlist Letters

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