Med School Admissions Strategy 

    Below is a collection of some of our favorite admissions articles covering such topics as building an application strategy, paying for med school, cleaning up your social media presence, and best practices that will help you earn your seat in the next top med school class.

    1. Med School Admissions: What You Need to Know to Get Accepted, a free guide
    2. The 5-Part Framework for a Successful Medical School Application, a free webinar
    3. How an Accepted Med School Admissions Consultant Can Help You, a short video
    4. Get Accepted to Medical School in 2020, a free webinar
    5. Medical School Admissions Action Plan: 6 Steps to Acceptance, a free guide 
    6. Navigate the Med School Maze, a free guide
    7. Apply at Your Best: Advice from a Med School Admissions Expert, a podcast episode
    8. Writing for Medical School: Personal Statements, Activities, and Secondaries, a podcast episode
    9. MD, OBGYN, MPH Talks Med School and Residency Admissions, a podcast episode
    10. Med School Admissions Veteran Shares Her Experience: How to Get In, a podcast episode
    11. Why Should I Spend Money on an Accepted Med School Admissions Consultant, a short video
    12. 5 Steps to Medical School Admissions Success, a short video
    13. Your Past Doesn’t Define You, a podcast episode
    14. Optimize Your Grad School Application: Grades, Essays, Resume, Activity History, and More, a podcast episode
    15. 16 Grad School Application Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make, a podcast episode
    16. What do the Medical School Admissions Teams Say About Admissions?
    17. 3 Reasons You Need to Start Working on Your Med School Applications NOW, a short video
    18. The Best Timeline for Applying to Medical School
    19. The BEST Advice for New Med School Applicants
    20. What to Expect During Medical School
    21. Med School Applications Kick Off: 10 Tips to Get You Through the Application Season
    22. How to Get the Most Out of Working With a Med School Admissions Consultant
    23. 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Participating in a Special Masters Program (SMP)
    24. The Medical School Application “Deadline”
    25. When Should I Apply to Medical School?
    26. Early Decision for Medical School: Does It Make Sense For You?
    27. 3 Tips for Applying to Early Admissions Programs for Medical School
    28. Medical School Admissions: Why Applying in June is Critical
    29. 7 Medical School Acceptances: The Early Bird’s Story
    30. How to Endure the Long Wait for Medical School Applicants
    31. The Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer)
    32. Assess Your Qualifications for Medical School
    33. Can You Get Into a Top Grad School if You Didn’t Attend a Top University?
    34. Can You Get Accepted After Doing Something Stupid?
    35. When Will Medical Schools Give You an Answer?
    36. How to Show that YOU Want to be a Doctor
    37. Tips for Getting Into Medical School When Your Parent is a Doctor
    38. How to Give Your Application as Much Weight as Possible
    39. The Top 3 Factors Applicants Overlook in Their Applications
    40. What Not to Do in the Activities Section of Your Medical School Application
    41. What Not to Do on the Medical School Coursework Section
    42. 7 Traits of a Competitive Medical School Applicant
    43. How Much Does Your Social Media Presence Factor Into the Application Process?
    44. 3 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Med School Reapplicant
    45. 5 Things the Adcoms Hate
    46. How to Defer a Medical School Acceptance


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