Your MCAT score plays a major role in determining your competitiveness at top healthcare programs. You need to understand how the exam works and what skills and material it tests. You need to plan and prep like a pro.
These resources will help you get the job done right:
  1. The MCAT: Craft Your Strategy for Success, a free webinar
  2. The Results Are In: Analyzing Your MCAT Diagnostic Exam, a free webinar
  3. The New MCAT: What's Hype, What's Real and What You Can Do Today, a free webinar
  4. 5 MCAT Mistakes You Don't Want to Make, a free webinar
  5. Advice for the MCAT from an MCAT Expert, a podcast episode
  6. MCAT Tips and Strategy: An Interview with Don Osborne, a podcast episode
  7. MCAT Scores, MCAT Prep, and MCAT2015, a podcast episode
  8. Learning by Osmosis: Premeds, Med Students Take It All In!, a podcast episode
  9. MCAT Expertise + Harvard MBA Experience, a podcast episode
  10. Affordable Online Test Prep, a podcast episode
  11. 1 Doctor, 2 Entrepreneurs: Eliza Morrison & Andrew Nimmich, a podcast episode
  12. Deciding When to Take the MCAT
  13. What MCAT Score Do You Need to Get into Medical School?
  14. 4 Things Your MCAT Score Says About You
  15. The New MCAT Topic that Nobody is Talking About
  16. Why are Psychology and Sociology on the MCAT?
  17. Improve Your MCAT Score for Medical School Acceptance  
  18. How to Succeed on Your MCAT Test Day
  19. 6 Last-Minute Tips for MCAT Day
  20. Interviews with MCAT2015 Test Takers
  21. How Does the Med School Adcom View Multiple MCAT Scores?
  22. Tips for Applying with a low MCAT score or GPA

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