Medical School Interviews:
How to Prepare

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    You've been invited to interview at a top med school – congratulations! Now it's time for some serious medical school interview prep. If you thought all the hard work was over when you hit "Submit," then think again – the medical school admissions process continues….

    Making a good impression via your AMCAS and secondary essays is only half the battle; now you need to wow the admissions board in person. And please don't think about winging it – even the most confident, charming applicants are going to need some medical school interview help. Use the resources below to help you prepare for your med school interview:


    Hang in there while we gather our finest med school interview resources...

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    Client Feedback
    The mock interviews (MMI) I conducted with Alicia were incredibly helpful! Her feedback was very thorough and individualized, and this preparation enabled me to go into my interviews with composure and confidence!” FD Read more