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    Okay, so you didn't get the instant acceptance that you had hoped for, but this admissions story isn't over yet – there are concrete steps you can take to get yourself off the medical school waitlist and onto the list of accepted students and future doctors. The following resources will help you tip the scales in your favor.


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    Client Feedback
    I am very happy to report some great news-- I was accepted today from the waitlist at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, my first choice medical school. It's absolutely a dream come true!

    I am extremely happy that I chose to contact you and especially grateful for Cydney's help. Cydney was always wonderful to work with. She was not only professional but very warm and kind, and I felt that she was on my side. She was usually way faster with the work than she had to be, and she helped me to write waitlist letters that helped me better express my thoughts and highlight my strengths. I felt confident sending my letters, and I would have been completely happy, feeling that I had put my best foot forward, no matter what the outcome.

    However, Cydney also helped me achieve my dream! attending Columbia is a gift that I can never take for granted. I had such a discouraging spring that I didn't think this day could come, but here it is. I am so very grateful for Cydney's help and support in getting here. Thank you for doing what you do and for connecting me with Cydney. Read more