Parents of Pre-Meds

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    Congrats – you have a smart, ambitious child who is prepared to work hard and become a physician! Obviously your child isn’t about to go down the long road of med school admissions alone. You need to be prepared to help. And you want to help. What is your role as parent in the med school application process? What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? How can you support your child and ease the way so that there’s as little stress as possible for your exhausted, busy applicant and as little strain as possible on your relationship with each other?

    The following resources will guide you and your student through the medical school application process from beginning to end, ensuring that you both know what’s what and how you can successfully navigate this adventure together!

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    Client Feedback
    The medical school application process is exhausting for students, and as parents, we felt there was little we could do. was not something our son wanted, but we needed to separate ourselves from the process. We choose because they are adamant about guiding and advising but not over-stepping and doing the actual work. Alicia was able to ask our son questions and guide him to pull together all of his experiences and interests into a cogent story that he could tell in the application and at interviews. Many students like our son are working full-time and enrolled in a Masters program while preparing for the MCAT and medical school applications - burn out can start to set in. Alicia provided extraordinary professionalism, encouragement and balance to the process. Alicia sincerely cares about each student and it is clear to us that she provided the necessary experiential encouragement in the final stretch. Our son was accepted at his first interview and has four more interview invitations. CKC Read more