You’ve got your work cut out for yourself if you’re planning on applying to a physician assistant graduate program. There’s PA program research, evaluating your profile/competitiveness, the CASPA application, writing compelling admissions essays, securing strong letters of recommendation…and more.

Sounds like you could use some expert advice on the journey to physician assistant program acceptance! Below you’ll find resources that cover every aspect of the PA admissions process:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Physician Assistant, a free guide
  2. How to Get Accepted to Physician Assistant (PA) Programs
  3. 5 Qualities to Highlight in Your PA School [CASPA] Application
  4. What to Look for When Selecting a Physician Assistant (PA) Program
  5. Why Should You Consider Becoming a PA?
  6. Which One is Right for Me? PA vs. NP vs. Medical School
  7. Writing Your Physician Assistant (PA) Personal Statement
  8. How to Prepare for a PA School Interview
  9. Real-Life Tips from a New PA, a student interview
  10. Andrea Benedict: Life as a Physician Assistant, a podcast episode
  11. Is an Online Ivy League PA Program Too Good to Be True a podcast episode
  12. Why Should I Consider Allied Health Careers?
  13. 5 Tips for Acceptance to a Physician Assistant Program
  14. 5 More Tips to Help You Become a Physician Assistant
  15. Interviews with Current Physician Assistants

General advice will only get you so far. Each situation is different and each applicant goes through their own unique journey. For personalized assistance on your journey to PA program acceptance, check out our Physician Assistant Application Package.

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