A postbac program is something you should consider if you’re looking for a way to improve your med application profile, increase pre-medical knowledge, and boost your chances of getting accepted to med school. These post-college, pre-med school programs aim to prepare future doctors for the rigor and intensity of med school.

The following resources provide tips and advice on how to ace your postbac applications and get one step closer to earning that prized M.D.!

  1. A Second Chance at Medical School: The A-Z of Applying to Postbac Programs, a free guide
  2. The Definitive Guide to Pre-Medical Postbaccalaureate Programs, a comprehensive book
  3. All Things Postbac, a podcast episode
  4. What You Need to Know About Postbac Programs, a podcast episode
  5. Johns Hopkins Postbac Programs: An Interview with the Director, a podcast episode
  6. Med School Applicton Process: AMCAS, Secondaries, Interviews, Decisions & More!, a podcast episode
  7. Which Type of Postbac Program is Best for You?
  8. 13 Postbac Program Recommendations
  9. Five Tips to Help You Get Accepted Into a Postbac Program
  10. How Can a Postbac Program Help You?
  11. What Type of Postbac Programs Are Available?
  12. Researching Postbac Programs
  13. Top Three Tips for Your Postbac Essay
  14. Writing About Yourself in Your Postbac Essay
  15. Letters of Recommendation That Will Get You Accepted

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