Reapplying to Med School

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    Good for you for picking yourself up and reapplying to med school! Simply by reapplying, you're demonstrating to the adcom that you're motivated, determined, and know exactly what you want, and with the experience of already applying once before, you're off to a great start. Use the following resources to help you make your next application the one that gets you IN.

    Hang in there while we gather our finest resources to help you reapply successfully to medical school...

    The best way to move forward is to understand what went wrong last time. Get the feedback you need to apply RIGHT with Accepted's Rejection Review Service. Learn more, do better, get accepted.

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    Client Feedback
    I am incredibly excited. Herman helped so much with the entire process. He is both brilliant and such a pleasure to work with.
    Thank you! [Accepted to UCSF]
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