Good for you for picking yourself up and reapplying to med school! Simply by reapplying, you're demonstrating to the adcom that you're motivated, determined, and know exactly what you want, and with the experience of already applying once before, you're off to a great start. Use the following resources to help you make your next application the one that gets you IN.

  1. Medical School Reapplicant Advice: 6 Tips for Success, a free guide
  2. The Reapplicant’s Guide to Medical School Acceptance, a free webinar
  3. Help, I Was Rejected by All the Med Schools I Applied To!, a short video
  4. Why Were You Rejected from Medical School?
  5. Should You Reapply to Medical School?
  6. Got Dinged? You Can Handle It!
  7. Moving Forward After Medical School Rejection
  8. The Dreaded Med School Rejection: What Now?
  9. What if Your Child is Rejected from Medical School?
  10. You Can Do It: Reject Rejection!
  11. Reapplying to Med School: Evaluating Your Medical School Profile
  12. Reapplying to Medical School: Your Primary Application
  13. Reapplying to Medical School: Secondaries, Interviews, School Selection & Application Timing
  14. Boost Your GPA for Medical School Acceptance
  15. Improve Your MCAT Score for Medical School Acceptance
  16. How to Improve and Present Your Experiences for Med School Reapplication

The best way to move forward is to understand what went wrong last time. Get the feedback you need to apply RIGHT with Accepted's Rejection Review Service. Learn more, do better, get accepted.

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