By the time the admissions readers get to the secondaries, they should already have a pretty good impression of who you are as an individual, as a potential med school student, and as a future medical professional. They've seen your transcripts, your GPA, and your MCAT score, and they've read your AMCAS essay and reviewed your experiences.

The following resources will help you fill in the blanks and create secondary essays that will complete and sharpen the adcom's picture of you:

  1. How to Create Successful Secondary Applications, a free webinar
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Secondary Essay Questions from Top Med Schools, a free guide
  3. 5 Fatal Flaws, a free guide
  4. Optional Essays: When and How to Write Them, a video
  5. Secondary Application Tips: The Experts Speak
  6. Successful Medical School Secondary Application Strategies
  7. Track Your Secondary Application Progress with a Spreadsheet
  8. Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle
  9. School-Specific Secondary Essay Tips
  10. Prepare For Secondary Success
  11. 4 Tips for Writing Successful Secondary Essays
  12. How to Write Succinct Secondary Essays
  13. How to Create Sizzling Secondary Applications
  14. 3 Tips for Writing the Optional Essay in Medical School Secondary Applications
  15. Secondary Strategy: Why Do You Want To Go Here?
  16. What NOT to Write in Your Med School Secondary Essays

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