The earlier you begin your journey to medical school (or any other healthcare program), the better positioned you'll be for acceptance. The following resources will help you get organized, create a plan of action, and then apply to your top-choice programs with confidence.

  1. Medical School Action Plan: 6 Steps to Acceptance, a free guide
  2. Apply at Your Best: Advice from a Med School Admissions Expert, a podcast episode
  3. What Do Scribes Do – And How to Become One, a podcast episode
  4. Shadowing Experiences Around the Globe with Gap Medics, a podcast episode
  5. Premed Planning: Does it Matter Where You Go College?
  6. 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Medical School Profile Early On
  7. How Should I Prepare For Medical School in College?
  8. How to Shadow a Doctor
  9. Applying to Medical School: Selecting Extracurricular Activities
  10. "I'm Premed, and I'm Going to be a Surgeon"- How to Not be THAT Guy
  11. 3 Tips for Applying to Early Admissions Programs for Medical School
  12. The 4 Best Things to Do Before Med School
  13. What Are Med Schools Looking For?
  14. How to Decide if you Should Retake Courses in Preparation for Applying to Medical School
  15. What Every Premed Student Needs to Know About Retaking Classes
  16. How Important is Research for Medical School Admissions?
  17. To Research or Not to Research is Thy Premed Question
  18. 5 Tips for Aspiring Premed Researchers
  19. Predoc & Premed Summer Undergraduate Research Programs
  20. Determine Your Career Goals in Medicine
  21. What I Learned from My Shadowing Experiences
  22. How Important is Volunteering for Medical School Admissions?
  23. What are the Pros of a Gap Year Before Medical School?
  24. How to Spend Your "Gap Year" Between College and Med School
  25. Connections Count. And You Can Create Them.

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