What is Med School Like?

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    How hard is it to apply and get accepted to medical school? What are the challenges med students face? Is it possible to have a social life? What is med school REALLY like?

    You know that each journey to medical school is unique. Now’s your chance to listen to the stories of REAL med school students as they share the ups and downs of the admission process and day-to-day life in medical school.

    Hang in there while we gather our interviews with medical school students...

    Topics covered in these comprehensive interviews include stumbling blocks during the admissions process, AMCAS essay tips, MCAT study advice, favorite med school classes, juggling school and personal life, and more. You’ll also find social links for the interviewees so you can contact them with your own questions, if you’d like.

    Do you have an interesting medical school journey that you’d like featured on our What is Med School Really Like? series? Be in touch – we’d love to hear your story!

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    I was an international applicant applying for the third time, and I was starting to believe that medicine may end as just a dream for me. As I worked with Cindy, I learned how to create a more compelling narrative of why I wanted to pursue medicine, and how I’ve grown throughout this journey. She was a caring and highly skilled editor who was a pleasure to work with. I got my acceptance to Georgetown University School of Medicine today! I could not be happier. Thank you Cindy!! Read more