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I want to work with Michelle!
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Michelle did an outstanding job working with me. She is a professional with great talent.  I will say that what makes her outstanding are her great editorial skills combined with her personality and coaching ability. Her knowledge base is always spot on.   

Accepted provides an outstanding service with outstanding professionals that are subject matter experts.

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Without Michelle I wouldn't have successfully submitted a compelling application to Stern. She did a marvelous job in turning my bland and generic sentences into crisp and relevant statements. I was completely off topic on one of my essays and she provided exceptional guidance that prevented a catastrophic mistake. Her greatest asset is her ability to articulate every idea with a punch which brought my essays to life.
Michelle took a personal interest in my application and her out of the box thinking helped me present my story in a very creative way. She was really fun to work with and I hope I find people like her in business school. Thank you Michelle!"
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Columbia is my first choice, so my application process is over and a less anxious holiday season is ahead. Michelle was instrumental in the process and I could not be more excited about the help I received and the outcome of it.
Besides great editing help our conversations and her guidance definitely brought the best out of my essays.
My suggestion to you is to give her a big bonus!!!!
Thank you again for the best wishes and I wish you all the best with this product that makes a definite impact.
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I just wanted to write you a quick note and give you some feedback on my work with Michelle Stockman over the last month. I consider myself to be a pretty solid writer, but I chose to work with your company on my essays because I think I'm very borderline. Throughout this process, Michelle has provided nothing but insightful comments and very constructive criticism. The fact that my company has a FREE service for employees and I chose to pay Accepted instead is a great testament to the work we have done together.
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Hello Michelle, I got accepted to INSEAD! I am very very happy! I could not have done it without you!!!
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"Hi Michelle,
How's it going? So it looks like I was a week early on becoming nervous about my application status. I received the letter today and it read: Congratulations!...The AdCom has accepted your ED app to CBS!
Phew! I just want to again thank you for all your help! There is no way I could have done it without you, and a double thanks on the Essay Tips/Construction. I have already used your comments to approach other essays I've been writing, and it's made the process much easier and added a lot more confidence to my writing. Awesome, keep up the good work, and I guess you can at least add one more to the list of 40 or so successful applicants on your resume, haha. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Now I am definitely STOKED! ~Accepted at Columbia