Sample Resumes and Cover Letter

In this section you can find samples of resumes, a curriculum vitae, and a cover letter that bring to life the advice appearing in the preceding pages. These resumes target jobs in business and law, and the CV targets a residency for graduating medical students. While the sample resumes adhere to certain common conventions and an approach that emphasizes achievement over tasks and job descriptions, they also show that there is plenty of room for individuality to peek through the crisp phrases and quantifications of success. Most important, they all present an aura of solid professionalism that results from the clear, straightforward substantiations of the subject’s capability and potential.

Resume and cover letter samples are presented in the PDF format and require Adobe's free Acrobat™ Reader for successful viewing.

  1. Cover Letter
  2. College Resume
  3. Legal Resume
  4. Residency Resume
  5. Business Resume
  6. Business Resume


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