How Can Cydney Help You?

Cydney-Foote-Accepted-ConsultantCydney is a former administrator at the University of Washington School of Medicine, as well as the former marketing editor for SicolaMartin and marketing manager for Her joint background of admissions, writing, and management help her understand those applicants with strong writing skills and those who are "non-writers." She holds a BA in political science and communications and two master's degrees from University College – Dublin and the University of Washington. She has successfully advised medical and residency applicants since 2001 when she joined Accepted. Cydney is the author of Write Your Way to a Residency Match and Write Your Way to a Fellowship Match and other admissions guides. 

Let us know who you are and what you need help with. Cydney will contact you ASAP to discuss which services best meet your needs.

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