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Applying to college is such an exciting time! But it can also be really stressful. After all, getting acceptance offers from the right colleges could change the course of your entire future. You want to make sure your admissions application is the best it could possibly be. 

That’s where we come in. Our college admissions consultants are experts in their field. They have the skills and background to help you optimize your college applications and maximize your chances of acceptance.

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College Admission Consulting & Editing Services 

Complete College Application Package

For 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, this comprehensive package includes school choice evaluation, essay strategy, editing of all essays, resume critique, final application review, waitlist support, and decision counseling, all without the clock ticking.

Common and UC Application Packages

For 11th and 12th graders, work with one of our experienced college admissions specialists who will guide you through all the essays from start to finish to create a compelling portrait of you.

College Hourly Admissions Consulting Services

Our hourly college admissions consulting plans will answer all of your questions about college admissions, including school selection, how to stand out above the rest, overcoming low scores, and much more.

College Application Essay Editing

These flat-rate packages and hourly plans will allow you to work with a consultant who will help you brainstorm and polish your essays so they shine. Your consultant will review your essays and check them for readability and interest.

College Application Final Check

Have all your materials together but aren’t quite ready to hit “Submit”? Our experts will review and critique your essays, resume, and short answer and optional question responses to ensure your college application is 100% ready to go!

College Waitlist Packages

Stuck on the waitlist? Our college admissions experts can help you move your application from the waitlist to the accepted list with our four-stage waitlist service.

College Rejection Review

Don’t let a rejection letter dash your dreams! We can help you reapply with confidence. With this four-stage service, your consultant will review your admissions profile for areas of improvement, critique your application, and suggest a strategic plan to move forward and help you gain acceptance into your school of choice.

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Meet Our College Admissions Experts

Our admissions consultants are respected professionals with decades of experience in helping students just like you gain admission into some of the most highly selective and top ranked colleges in the world. Their backgrounds include time as admissions deans and directors, as well as admissions counselors. They know exactly what you should—and shouldn’t—say in your application if you want to grab the adcom’s attention. 

Marie Todd

Marie Todd

Marie has more than 30 years’ experience in higher education and consulting. At Accepted, she specializes in undergraduate admissions, helping domestic and international clients gain admission to top U.S. colleges, including Stanford, Berkeley, Duke, and Notre Dame. She was a University of Michigan application review specialist for five seasons and is now committed to helping her clients highlight their unique strengths and perspectives. Her working style is positive, constructive, honest, and supportive.

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Alice Diamond

Alice Diamond

Formerly the associate dean for career and community service at Lesley University, Alice brings 35 years of experience in career and admissions advising for undergraduate and graduate students. She has expertise in working with candidates applying to top programs in a wide range of fields including psychology, social work, public health, public policy, education, expressive arts therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and environmental studies.

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Madison Searle

Madison Searle

As a former director for three undergraduate honors programs at the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin, Madison read more than 5,000 applications while also advising students applying to graduate and professional programs. He has taught writing seminars to pre-med students and is a freelance writer himself. His goal is to help applicants communicate clearly, concisely, and in their authentic voice. He has helped hundreds of pre-health professional students prepare for and apply to medical, dental, veterinary, and pharmacy schools.

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Natalie Grinblatt

An AIGAC member and Michigan Ross MBA, Natalie has served as admissions dean/director at Michigan Ross, Cornell Johnson, and ASU Carey. With almost two decades of admissions experience, she’s helped hundreds of clients get admitted to top U.S. and international business schools, graduate programs, colleges, and universities in her 15 years as a consultant. Described by her clients as strategic, engaged, creative, nurturing, and direct, she’s earned high ratings on Poets&Quants, GMAT Club, and Trust Pilot.

Learn more about Natalie Grinblatt Epstein.

Sundas Ali-2

Sundas Ali

Dr. Sundas Ali has taught, mentored, and advised College and Graduate students for over 15 years. She has immense experience working with students from multiple countries: UK, US, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, and the Middle East. As a Lecturer at the University of Oxford, Sundas has been involved in Oxford’s admissions process and committees, particularly for the prestigious PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) degree.

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Michelle Stockman

Michelle Stockman

A former staff member with the Columbia Business School admissions office, Michelle has firsthand insight into what makes an application shine and how decisions are made. She is a video news producer and journalist who knows how to find an applicant’s story and make it compelling, as well as how to capture someone’s attention for a stellar interview. 

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3 Steps to Getting Into Your Dream College


Partner With a Pro.

Team up with one of our highly experienced admissions consultants.


Apply With Confidence.

Submit a compelling application that positions you as a unique and unforgettable candidate.


Get Accepted.

Celebrate all your hard work and then pack your bags—the journey’s just beginning!

Why Choose Us for College Admissions Consulting?


Getting into college isn’t easy. And getting into a great college? That’s even harder. You’ve likely got your plate full, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when navigating the complex admissions process. When you work with Accepted, we streamline everything and help set up for real success. Here are just a few facts about what we do: 

  • We’ve helped applicants gain admission into more than 115 top universities.
  • We’re one of the oldest admissions consulting companies in business in business today. Founded in 1994.
  • We embrace a holistic approach to admissions consulting. We don’t hide our expertise behind a paywall, and regularly provide valuable admissions content via free webinars, blogs, videos, and our Admissions Straight Talk podcast. 
  • The quality of our product is transparent, and client feedback shows that the investment made in our services is more than worthwhile when that acceptance letter arrives.

Why Choose an Accepted College Admissions Consultant?

There are a lot of admissions consulting services out there. We know you have choices. But we’re confident in saying that our college admissions consultants are the best in the biz. Why? Well, for starters...

  • Compatibility - When we pair you with one of our admissions consultants, it’s not random. We work to find the very best fit and partner you with someone who will understand your experience, your goals, and your work style. They’ll be the ideal partner to help you create an application that showcases your utmost potential. 
  • Consistency - We aren’t a fly-by-night application review service. You’ll work continuously with the same consultant, and they’ll get to know your strengths and weaknesses. They’ll deeply understand who you are as a person. They’ll know your whole story and how to help you tell it. 
  • Advocacy - When you’re working on a personal level with a highly experienced professional consultant, you’re more than just a number. Our consultants pour their heart and soul into their clients, and they’re just as invested as you are in getting you into your dream college. Yes, they’ll provide expert guidance and assistance. But they’ll also be your cheerleader, your support, and your biggest fan. The competitive edge you’ll gain by having someone like this in your corner can’t be overstated. 

Don't Waste This Opportunity

Whether you’re only looking to get an undergrad degree or you plan on pursuing advanced degrees, the college you get into will affect what your future looks like. Don’t leave something this major to chance. Get expert help today, and you’ll be able to look back on this decision as the turning point on your road to college acceptance and, eventually, a successful, fulfilling career.