Your edits really played a huge role for my application package and I appreciate your time and effort. I would like to inform you that I will be pursuing graduate studies in chemical engineering at Polytechnique de Montreal.

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Dr. Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D

Why Work with Barry?

  • Former biology professor at San Francisco State University, where he taught at all levels and worked with a highly diverse student population
  • Former biomedical researcher at four different universities who ran his own neuroscience lab for nine years and authored more than 20 published journal articles and five successful grant proposals
  • Former campus health professions advisor and founder/director of three post-bac programs (medical, dental, and nursing)
  • Helps with any and all aspects of the application process for medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, vet, PA, PT, optometry, podiatry, and residency programs as well as biomedical and public health research programs that confer PhD and master’s degrees

Barry’s Stats

  • BA in biology from Haverford College
  • PhD in biochemistry (minor in neurophysiology) from CalTech
  • Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX, and UC San Francisco

What Barry Has to Say

“Working with Accepted since 2015, I have helped hundreds of clients write powerful, informative essays, fill out complex primary and secondary applications, choose schools, choose letter-writers, and practice for both standard interviews and MMIs. A vast majority of my clients have been successful in gaining entry into one or more schools in their chosen area. I look forward to using my extensive experience in both healthcare professions admissions and graduate admissions to help you gain acceptance into the best programs and advance in your career.”

What Else You Should Know about Barry

  • Located in San Francisco, CA
  • Feels a strong connection with underrepresented and socioeconomically disadvantaged candidates, having grown up in a mixed blue-collar, white-collar neighborhood and having attended a highly diverse public high school
  • Involved in activities that help him develop the feeling and expressive side of himself, such as yoga and meditation
  • Loves day hikes, painting workshops, and writing the occasional bit of poetry
  • Speaks Spanish at a conversational level and has recently been studying Japanese and Mandarin. Thanks to his clients, he can say “hello,” “goodbye,” and “thanks” in approximately 20 languages.





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