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    I just wanted to drop a note to sing the praises of Madison Searle.  Please forward this to any other appropriate Accepted personnel.

     Madison assisted our son James as he navigated the perilous college application process.  Given the significant price tag, I had some initial misgivings about securing a consultant.  Madison, however, quickly dispelled any reservations that I may have harbored. 

    His guidance and encouragement were phenomenal.  The entire college admissions process, including the innumerable essays and personal statements, presents an inordinately stressful experience for today’s high school students.  Madison delivered sage advice, offered key strategies and tactics for crafting original and engaging writing submissions, and instilled an overall sense of confidence . . . all of which reduced anxiety by several orders of magnitude.  Indeed, I came to have such faith in Madison’s guidance that I acceded to my son’s desire to submit his early applications without any parental review whatsoever.

     My son has always been exceedingly independent and it came as no surprise that he wanted to pursue the application process without family members, no matter how well-meaning, looking over his shoulder.  So his early decision and early action applications all went out without me seeing a single word of any essay or a single line of the submission materials.  I have enormous belief in my son and his capabilities, but I confess that this level of hands-off parenting gave me some apprehension.

     But my son trusted Madison.  And so did I.

     When all was said and done, our son was accepted early decision to his first choice: the Cornell University College of Engineering.

     Once accepted, my son finally shared his various essays and personal statements.  They were well-crafted, articulate and absolutely genuine.  That is, Madison had guided James in such a way that his true voice rang clear in each of the writing submissions.  Too often, the essays and submissions from students with consultants come across as overly polished, stilted and artificial, reeking of aggressive re-writes and straining credulity.  Madison ensured that James’s efforts reflected his own authentic vision and insights.  No doubt that served James well with the admissions officers reviewing his submissions.

     Finally, Madison expressed a genuine concern for James as he prepared his applications, making himself regularly available throughout the process and providing crucial feedback and assurance.

     Madison represents an enormous asset to Accepted.  We have recommended him, wholeheartedly and without reservation, to numerous other parents and students.

     Though the price tag was steep, his contributions were worth every penny.

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