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Medical School Admissions

You know what you want to do: go to a top med school, become a doctor, and have a successful and fulfilling life.

There is just one thing standing in the way of your dream: acceptance to medical school. You have to go through the grueling application process. You must take classes and tests, prepare your applications, including paying associated fees and writing tons of essays, interviewing and paying for travel expenses. And there’s also the emotional burden -- nerves, doubts, anxiety. Top schools only take the best of the best. You’re determined, but also stressed and perhaps overwhelmed - do you have what it takes?

Let our medical school consulting team help you show that you have the stuff required for medical school.

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Medical School Consulting Packages

Help with Medical School Application Elements

Some of the Med Schools Our Clients Have Been Accepted to...

Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Harvard Medical School
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Weill Cornell Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Duke University School of Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - UCSF School of Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - University of Michigan Medical School
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Yale University School of Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - University of Penssylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons
Logo of Med School Accepted's Clients Have Been Admitted To - Stanford School of Medicine

Medical School Package Details

2-4 Year Premed Consulting Package

Imagine having consistent premed consulting advice for more than three years, advice that will steer you toward building a solid profile based on a strong foundation–academically, clinically, and through community service. Through monthly consulting sessions, your expert advisor will guide your choices to achieve this goal. The invaluable support continues beyond primary applications and through secondaries. Bonus! Interview assistance and decision counseling are also included with these premium consulting packages. Premed package details >>

Medical School Primary Application Packages

These bundled packages offer comprehensive guidance, from concept to final review, for your primary application or optional additional primary applications. The Primary + Secondary Applications also include secondary and interview support – all on a flat-rate basis.

Your consultant – an experienced med school admissions professional – will guide you in shaping a compelling portrait of yourself as a future leader in the medical field. These packages are one smart investment in your future career. Primary app package details >> 

Medical School Secondary Applications

This flat-rate, inclusive service provides all the help you need–without watching the clock–as you plan and craft your secondary applications. This package includes secondary application strategy; advising and editing for up to 8 secondary applications; interview preparation; and decision counseling. Save hundreds of dollars over purchasing services a la carte while you experience the confidence of knowing you’re receiving expert advice every step of the way. Med school secondary app details >>

Medical School Residency/Fellowship

Our Residency/Fellowship Application Package offers an unbeatable bundle of services designed to create a winning candidate profile for your chosen training programs. Your consultant will provide personal statement strategizing; personal statement editing, including variations for up to 3 related specialties; selection and editing of your experiences section; final review of the application so you can submit with confidence; application resume advising and editing; and interview prep. Residency and fellowship program details >>

Medical School Postbac Packages

Navigate the CAS application system or non-CAS postbac applications and beyond with no clock ticking. Highly experienced in the postbac admissions process, your consultant will assist you with school selection; ideas for your essays, as well as outlining and editing; editing of activity descriptions; mock interview; final application review; and more. Leave your stress behind as you focus on building the best application possible. Postbac package details >> 

Physician Assistant (PA) Application

Getting into physician assistant programs is tough and getting tougher. Even the best possible grades and exam stats won’t ensure acceptance to PA programs. Our deeply knowledgeable medical school consulting team will help you optimize your application, beginning with application strategy; school selection; essay mapping and editing; secondary essay planning; interview prep; and more. With the support of your consultant, you’ll be able to focus on drafting an outstanding application as you prepare for this fulfilling career. PA application package details >>


Medical School Application Components

Admissions Consulting

Is med school the right decision for you? If so, where should you apply? How can you maximize your appeal to your target programs? How can you mitigate weaknesses? Our Admissions Consulting services will help answer any and all questions you have about making this major decision. Your consultant will review your full profile, from academics, extracurricular activities, clinical exposure, research, to community service, and guide your approach to the application process. Learn more >> 


This element of your application is usually the first thing admissions committees look at, so you want to dazzle them with your experience and qualifications. Choose from a comprehensive flat-rate package or an hourly service–whichever suits your needs. Both options save time while ensuring your achievements and impact stand out distinctly, adding excitement to your application. Learn more >>


Let our consultants help you brainstorm ideas based on your experience and goals, while guiding you through the writing process so that you tell your story with authenticity and impact. You’ll emerge with an engaging, substantive, and compelling essay. Flat-rate packages provide comprehensive assistance with no clock ticking; hourly options can help you polish an essay you’ve already drafted. Learn more >>

Letters of Recommendation

Unsure what to write for a student you’re recommending? Our flat-rate package pairs you with a consultant who will interview you and draft an outline for the letter, and then edit your draft. For more confident recommendation writers who want a review and polish to ensure the letter hits all the high points, our hourly option works best. Either option ensures a strong, effective LOR for the candidate. Learn more >>

Application Final Check

Don’t hit “submit” until you’ve had an Accepted consultant provide this service for your application. We'll review and critique your essays, resume, and responses to short-answer and optional questions. If any part of your application seems wobbly, we’ll offer specific recommendations to get it on firmer ground. We’ll give you the green light when your self-portrait shows the adcom that you belong at their school! Learn more >>

Interview Preparation

Ace your interview after prepping with one of our med school admissions experts–they know what you can expect and provide you with a dress rehearsal and meaningful feedback to strengthen your interview skills and calm your nerves. Your consultant will review your submitted primary and secondary application to help you put your best foot forward. Depending on the service you select, you can have 1-3 mock interviews so that you walk into the real interview, calm, prepared, and ready for prime time. Learn more >>


Want to move from “Waitlisted” to “Accepted?” Our hourly and package services provide a review of your application materials and offer editing and/or consultation and guidance on writing a waitlist letter. This proven service saves time, eases worry, and strengthens your appeal to the programs who are still interested in you. Learn more >> 

Rejection Review

If you plan to reapply after a med school rejection, this service is essential. Your consultant will review your admissions profile, critique one primary application and up to two secondary/supplemental applications, identifying weaknesses in your qualifications and your presentation of those qualifications. You’ll learn how to bolster your application essays, CV, interview skills, and letters of recommendation, mitigate weaknesses and highlight your unique strengths, boosting your chances for acceptance in the next application cycle. Learn more >>

Why Choose Accepted for Medical School Admissions Consulting

Our expert medical school admissions consultants -- physicians, former postbac directors, admissions committee directors and members, published authors, and highly experienced consultants – collectively have over 100 years of med school admissions experience. We’ve guided thousands of applicants worldwide to acceptances at 139 medical schools since 1994, and we are ready to help you, too.

How we work with our clients is straightforward. From the start, you work one-on-one with a consultant to create the best possible application so you can submit it with confidence. Together we create a detailed plan to guide you through the process and enhance your chances of acceptance. You go through the med school application process with clarity, not confusion, confidence, not stress.

Why Do You Need Medical School Application Assistance?

Simple. The medical school application process is long, complicated, expensive, and hard. Competition is intense, and the acceptance rate for many medical schools is under 10%. The overall acceptance rate for all MD and DO applicants is well under 50%.

Don’t do it alone only to face possible rejection and the realization you didn’t give yourself every possible chance for success. Know you worked with one of our expert medical school consultants and gave it your all.

Know you put together the best possible application to med school. Increase your chance of acceptance and reduce the possibility of rejection and an expensive reapplication. Let our medical school consulting team help you get into the best medical school for you so you can become the best doctor you can be.

Let’s move forward!

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Client Feedback

Thank you again for your help with my essays.  Several of my interviewers commented on how polished they were and I think they really helped to off-set my lower score in the MCAT verbal.  I have been recommending you to others! 

SUNY Downstate, SUNY Upstate, Stonybrook, George Washington University and NYU

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