How Can Dr. Suzi Schweikert Help You?

Suzi-Schweitkert-Accepted-ConsultantDr. Suzi Schweikert earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature at UCLA, then received her MD from the UCSD of Medicine, where she served on the medical school admissions committee. She reviewed essays and interviewed applicants, and learned that medical school are looking for more than just high test scores.

She completed her Ob-Gyn residency at USC-Los Angeles County Medical Center, where she taught medical students and interns who rotated through her service. She later received her MPH and became adjunct assistant professor at SDSU School of Public Health. She has been mentoring students for over 20 years and has written and has edited essays for publications, including Nursing Solutions, Word San Diego, and Brain Child: The Magazine For Thinking Mothers.

As a consultant for, she advises applicants to medical school, residencies, fellowships, PA, NP, MPH, nursing, midwifery, and other health care affiliated programs. She enjoys working with traditional and nontraditional applicants alike, and believes that healthcare is at its best when providers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences.

Let us know who you are and what you need help with. Suzi will contact you ASAP to discuss which services best meet your needs.

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