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Karin was great at guiding me in the right direction. She was very quick to respond back to me and all the letter of recommendation writers. She helped me frame the statement of purpose and assisted the recommendation writers many times throughout the changes. All the faculties I had interviewed with liked my statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. One of the faculties told me that my statement of purpose was well structured and mature, unlike other applicants. And that was the primary reason he accepted me to their Ph.D. program.
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Hello Linda,  

Thank you very much! I am so happy with the good news!!  

Let me take the chance to let you know that Esmeralda has made it possible. From turning around my CV, choosing the best recommenders for my history, directing and constructing every essay to perfection, teaching me how to best perform the interviews, tutoring me when having to make though decisions, or when I was going through bad moments. And most importantly, doing it with the maximum support while ensuring the maximum quality. She simply aims for perfection and makes it happen.

There are more unis which I am still pending to be noticed, but I already know that the best decision I made during the whole process of applying to MBA is working with Esmeralda so many hours.  

It will be a pleasure to give a review for her to be published at any time.   

Kind regards,

- Accepted to Stern

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Hi Esme,  Thank you so much for your hard work to help me apply to graduate schools! Your support through this process definitely means a lot to me, and I couldn't have done it without you. The applications for Fordham, NYU and Columbia are completed all thanks to your help. I'll definitely keep you updated on the progress.
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As a student with lower stats, I could not believe when my first acceptance arrived, in October! I can say with ABSOLUTELY NO hesitation that I would not be sitting here today, holding multiple medical school acceptances, without Alicia's help, and the help of Accepted.com.                                                     

When we began working together, Alicia provided straightforward feedback on my application and my chances of acceptance with my previous stats and activities. She assisted me with planning my gap year and discussed how I could strengthen my application including taking post-bac courses, adding additional volunteer experiences, and gaining more clinical experience. With her advice and guidance, I was able to apply only once and be successful!

Alicia helped me prepare the perfect primary/secondary applications and improve my interview skills. She knew exactly what I was trying to say in each essay and showed me how to better focus my responses to make sure I highlighted each of my attributes, and how these qualities fit with a program's mission statement. Additionally, she coached me through multiple mock MMI interviews and explicitly critiqued every aspect of my answers including my non-verbal communication. She taught me how to avoid "throwing red flags" during the process and showed me stress reduction techniques to further help with my interview preparation. With Alicia's help, I felt confident and prepared going into each interview and ready for any question asked.

Alicia truly cares about the wellbeing of each of her clients. Outside of the application cycle, she went above and beyond to provide emotional comfort when my family was going through a challenging time. She has become a friend to me as well as an advisor. I am grateful to have had Alicia's positive attitude, compassion, and support during the application cycle.

Working with Accepted.com is the best decision I have made on my journey to medical school. I give Alicia the highest recommendation.

 - Ryan (Accepted Medical Student)

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Rebecca provided such an amazing amount of guidance and support throughout the whole application process, and I am truly thankful.  

- Accepted to Columbia University Masters in Psych program

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Hi Esmeralda,

I want to let you know that I am accepted by Emory Goizueta. The scholarship is $20,000 per year. I am very happy! It happened because of your help! 

- Accepted to Emory (Goizueta)