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Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio

Hi Linda,

Thank you! It is so nice of you to reach out personally. All of your content on YouTube and podcasts have been so helpful for me on this journey.

I am so thrilled. I credit Esmeralda for this positive outcome [ Accepted to Duke and Georgetown MBA]. I could not have done it without her! Round 1 was a total bust for me. I underestimated the MBA process and did not know what I was doing. I am so grateful I was matched with Esmeralda for my R2 applications. I only wish I found Accepted earlier, then my outcome for R1 would have been different. :)

- Accepted to Duke and Georgetown

I guess this brings us to the end of our six-month (or longer?!) journey.

Thanks so much for all of your time and support - it has been really helpful. I keep thinking: no one from my family has ever traveled outside India, and here I've been admitted to the best education brand in the world. This wouldn't have been possible without your help. Thanks so much for that.

If this Covid-19 issues abates over the next few months, then I'd love to meet you for coffee sometime before I leave for Boston in late July. But if not, I wanted you to know that it was a pleasure working with you, and I am grateful for all your support. Once again, thank you.

- Accepted to HKS, Fletcher, and Harris (the last two schools with scholarship)

Hi Karin,

 Just got news that Iā€™ve been admitted to Stanford MSME.
Even though we talked through this, omg this is still so hard for me to decide. Never had I thought that I would be choosing between these two beasts in engineering.
  Soo.... basically you got me into Stanford, MIT and UC Berkeley. The top in the engineering business.

- Accepted to MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford

Philippe Barr View Philippe Barr's Bio

I am very happy with the service I was provided because It helped me enhance my application in a way that reflected my true passion and voice.

Philippe was very supportive and great at helping me organize my thoughts and inspiring me with ideas.

I would definitely recommend this service because I do not think I would have got my acceptance without accepted.com.

I am very grateful.

Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio

Hi Esmeralda!

I now feel that my application process has reached its end. I want to express my sincere and huge gratitude towards you and the job you have done for me. Looking back, I realize that there is no chance I would've had a shot at these top schools without your guidance. You always answered fast and thoughtfully, came with stringent feedback looking for potential loopholes and pushing me to become really good at conveying my story. If there is any website where you want me to rate you or give feedback, just let me know!

So I'm still waiting for Yale and SSE, but those are irrelevant. I also got denied from Stanford ā€“ which doesn't matter ā€“ because I'M GOING TO OXFORD! 

You are amazing at what you do!

Virtual hugs 



I may have told you a thousand times before like a broken record, but this is the occasion to say it: Thank you for believing in me. I had talked with a couple of consultants before coming across your name on Google, and they told me I'm being too ambitious.  Yet you gave me a target to achieve for the GRE, and then you took up the challenge. And then you helped me clarify WHY I am even pursuing higher education.

You signed up to be a consultant, yet you were much more than that: A counselor, motivator, and most importantly someone who taught me not to underestimate myself. I could not have done any of this without your help and guidance. Not only did you edit my essays, but you helped me develop my own story in the truest sense possible. You helped me secure admission to a place that I thought I could only dream of.

- Accepted to MIT Ph.D. program in Aerospace Engineering.