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Michelle Stockman View Michelle Stockman's Bio
I want to inform you about my application status..
I got accepted at UCLA Anderson!!! Finally, I got in!

I am waiting for results from other schools. But, I want to express my thankfulness for your assistance. I would like to attribute this glory to you. Once again thank you.

- Accepted to UCLA (Anderson)

A note to update you and say thank you. Your podcast, phone calls, emails and coaching over the past few months have been appreciated. Although I didn’t purchase a huge package, you all showed an interest in me and helping me put my story together. Sincere thanks.

I got accepted into the Johnson program! I feel so grateful, honored, humbled and blessed. Despite what people told me, I only submitted one application. I applied to the place I felt like was THE FIT for me.

I took the GMAT 5x but still didn’t achieve my goal score , but they decided on my acceptance and scholarship — a miracle!

In gratitude.

- Accepted to Cornell Johnson

Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio
I want to say thanks for your effort in checking my writings. I have to say that I have been admitted to CMU and they also gave me a scholarship to pay partially the tuition. I know that without your help this would have been impossible. I don't have more words to tell how much I appreciate you.

- Accepted to CMU - College of Engineering

Lolita Wood-Hill View Lolita Wood-Hill's Bio

I highly recommend Mrs. Lolita Wood-Hill. I worked with her to improve my personal essay for podiatry school - and wow, she certainly helped! Working with her to clarify and condense the message of my essay allowed it to read stronger, and hold the readers attention throughout. She also helped to improve the language used, which made the essay read more smoothly and added a cohesiveness that was not there prior. Mrs. Wood-Hill was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Thank you Mrs. Wood-Hill!

Lolita Wood-Hill View Lolita Wood-Hill's Bio

I very much enjoyed our time together and liked our discussion. You were professional, amiable, polite, and immensely helpful. You guided me through the often-complicated medical school process with ease, and I have nothing but praise for you. 


Hi Jamie,
I just wanted to let you know I got into LSE! I’m so excited. Thank you so so much for all your help, I really couldn’t have done it without you.