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Alicia Nimonkar View Alicia Nimonkar's Bio
Alicia was a very great mentor in my interview preparations. She not only prepared me well for the content of my interview but also strived to help boost my self-confidence, which helped me perform the best I can during my interview. She makes interview preparations very simple, yet very effective. -- Accepted to Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine
Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the wishes. The news (acceptance to Cornell Johnson) is yet to actually sink in. During our mock interview, Jennifer helped with a very key understanding that NYU values diversity. I incorporated that implicitly into all my answers at the interview. She also helped me with a delicate post interview note, making sure I sound more articulate and mature than I am.

Working with her on my R2 apps made me regret not reaching out earlier.

Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio
Hi Esmeralda, This is looking superb! Really appreciate your guidance, I never had attempted any essay of this type before. :)
Madeleine Wang View Madeleine Wang's Bio

To whomever may be considering utilizing Madeleine's services, I would recommend Madeleine in a heartbeat to anyone considering applying to b-school. Her insights have proven spot on, on every occasion.

Madeleine is ideally suited to provide advice in this field as she has herself earned an Ivy League MBA and furthermore has been on the Admissions Committee for that Ivy League school. Hence she knows what adcoms are looking for.

Her breadth and depth of experience are an invaluable resource for any b-school candidate. Hence I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.


Michelle Stockman View Michelle Stockman's Bio

Hi Linda,

Hope all is well. I just wanted to thank you and your team - mainly Michelle - for the support on my CBS essays. I heard back from Columbia today, and got the final acceptance to their MBA program.

Michelle was great to work with; she was very responsive and she really knows what the CBS adcom looks for. I had started with a certain story in mind, and she helped me change it into something more attractive, more well-rounded and more fit for the CBS spirit. Hopefully will hear some good new from Harvard soon - Michelle also supported me on this.

Wishing you and your team a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year with family and friends!

Alicia Nimonkar View Alicia Nimonkar's Bio
Hi Linda! THANK YOU!!! I sincerely appreciate your support! I'm so excited about [acceptance to] Western Michigan, and still trying to soak in the news! Working with Alicia has been an indescribably wonderful experience, and one of the best investments in my life. Thank you so much for making this possible through Accepted.com.