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Round 3 vs. Next Year: The MBA Admissions Debate [on-demand]

Timing is everything. Should you apply to b-school R3 of this year or wait until R1 of next year's admissions cycle? In this webinar, Linda weighs the pros and cons of both options to help you make your big decision. Watch the webinar!

The Smart Timeline for 2017 MBA Applilcants

The Ultimate Timeline for 2017 MBA Applicants

You want to get into b-school, but you don't want to kill yourself during the arduous process. Use our MBA timelineto help you pace yourself so that you get to the finish line as smoothly and successfully as possible. Download the timeline! 

Admissions Straight Talk

Linda Abraham's 5 A's for Your GPA

Accepted CEO Linda Abraham presents important tips on overcoming a low GPA. Special Low GPA Cheat Sheet available here as well Learn more...


Leadership in Admmissions - Free Guide!

How can you reveal your leadership impact? How should you convey your ability to motivate, persuade, and empower? How can you show you will be a leader in the future?... Learn more

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I got 90% of the same interview questions that Esmeralda asked me, and her feedback was really detailed such as time limit and what examples I should use to support my answers. She also encouraged me during our Skype call that I felt was really helpful to make me be positive to face the interview.

Hi Jennifer,

I'm very excited to tell you that I received the offer from HKUST with scholarship!!! The admission officer made a highly appreciation on my interview performance, saying that I am fully well prepared and he clearly saw my ambition and determination on finance. I really want to say thank you for offering such great help for my interview  prep and helped me succeed. Without your advice, I wouldn't have performed well enough. You've done a really nice work!

Also I will say thanks to Accepted ,  a highly professional and amazing firm, for offering all the helps in every application step. It is a really wonderful experience that I co-worked with Accepted. In the future, I will introduce it to more of my friends and help them to achieve their goals.

Thanks again for your great help.

 Jen always provides me with a constructive & straightforward feedback. I'm beyond satisfied with her input

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