Consultant Profile: Jennifer Weld


While you may be confident of your academic background, your GMAT score, and your work experience, applying to graduate school is daunting. With top schools admitting less than one in five, and more often closer to one in ten, how can you be sure you’ll measure up? Unfortunately, you can’t, but I am hopeful that my experience will remove some of the mysteries and allow you the self-assurance to put together the best application package possible.

I want to work with Jennifer!

During my four years on the Cornell Executive MBA admissions committee, we reviewed applications as a whole. While academic readiness was clearly a vitally important factor in our decision-making process, the areas we focused on most in terms of overall fit for the program were the essays and the interview. You can’t do anything about your transcript or your GMAT score (except by perhaps mitigating with some additional coursework or taking the test again), but you have complete control over how you present yourself in the essays and the interview. What we looked for was authenticity, not someone writing what he or she “thought” we’d like to hear. We valued creativity and looked for well-rounded individuals who would provide just as much learning to their fellow classmates as the faculty.

By guiding you so that your essays reveal these attributes, I aim to help you shine. By asking the right questions so that you think deeply about and show your uniqueness – not just how you were critical in increasing sales by 10% at your firm one quarter, for example, but also how your time spent volunteering at an animal shelter has been critical in developing your sense of humanity – I can help you come alive to the admissions reader. There is no precise formula to gain admission to a top MBA program, but by pushing my clients to give more, I can say unequivocally they are able to put together an application that gets noticed.

I received my BA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School. I have years of experience across a wide range of industries including higher education, computer software, consumer goods, and hotel amenities at firms such as Unilever, Viacom, and Marubeni. Perhaps most relevant to you, I was the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Cornell Executive MBA Program for four years.

I look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals for higher education and subsequent career growth.